Thursday 26 April 2018

Bring The Spring

Bring the spring

Every spring I start my to do list for outside chores. Before I put in any garden I ask my self a few questions to make sure I buy the right plants and supplies that will work best in my yard.

I learned the hard way that just going out and buying whatever plants and flowers I like best usually results in dead gardens that never really grow as I imagined. What I figured was that I needed to get to know my yard a little better. Here is my list of questions for a successful garden.

First- Where do I want my garden? I like to sketch a drawing of my yard, so I can visualize where it will look best.

Second- I plan to spend all day outside so I can write down how much sun each spot gets. This way when I pick the plants I can make sure each plant will be getting the right amount of sun.

Third- How much water does each spot get? Some plants are drought tolerant and others need frequent watering. If I know how much each spot gets I can pick the right plants or gets supplies to provide adequate water for that area.

Fourth- Do I need to get plants that are kid or pet friendly? Things I might avoid if I have curious kids or pets is thorny bushes, or toxic plants.

Fifth- What is my soil like? Some soils are nutrient rich on their own, but others may be missing a key nutrient for plant success. Your local ag. Department usually has a soil test kit for free or you can purchase one for cheap.

Now that you are more acquainted with your yard you will be able to plant gardens you know will do well.  Give us a call if you need to rent an affordable residential friendly bin to haul off your waste.

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