Thursday 29 November 2018

Holiday Cash Giveaway

Bin There Dump That Annual Christmas Giveaway 2018 Details No purchase or payment is necessary to enter or to win. Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received. 

1. ELIGIBILITY: Entrants must be at least 18 years old or above, and reside in Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, Weber or Tooele County or have ordered a dumpster during the contest period.  Entrants receiving the Hunt certificate need to follow Utah requirements for hunting, for specifics contact the owner/operator of Rush Lake Game Birds at 435-496-9600 for specifics.
 2. HOW TO ENTER GIVEAWAY: As a condition of entering this contest, you will be asked to provide certain personal information about yourself, such as your name, email address, and phone number.  To enter the Contest, go to and click on the order tab. Enter your name, email, phone number and city. In the comment section write “Christmas Cash Giveaway Entry” and click submit. NOTE: Submitting your information does not obligate you in any way.  Entries are limited to one (1) entry per person and per email address during the Entry Period; all entries will be combined into a single entry pool. 1 (one) winner will be selected from all eligible entries on or about December 22nd at 8am. Multiple entries by means of software-generated or other automated processes will be disregarded.
  3. PRIZES: One (1) winner will receive $50 in cash from Bin There Dump, One (1) winner will receive a certificate for a 2 bird hunt at Rush Lake Game Birds or $50 towards any other size hunt.  No prize transfers. No substitutions are allowed. Prize will be awarded in the form of a check or a certificate 4. SELECTION & NOTIFICATION OF WINNERS: Winners will be selected in a random drawing from all valid entries received. The winner will be notified of their prize via e-mail or phone on or about December 22nd, 2018. Winners must respond by email or phone call within three (3) days to receive the prize. If the winner does not respond within three (3) days, a new winner will be selected. PLEASE NOTE: you should ask your accountant if there are reporting requirements on your taxes for winning cash. Generally, you report all gambling winnings on the "Other income" line of Form 1040.

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Get your house holiday ready

Tips to get your house holiday ready without last minute stress.

Focus on the main areas of the house that guests will be seeing. Areas you may not think of are the porch and entryways.

Get some nice seasonal scents to keep the house smelling great. Make sure not to get heavy smells or too many scents going at once. Some people are very sensitive to certain scents so be sure you can clear the smell out easily if needed.

Get the table ready. You might already have fancy dishes you bring out on special occasions or maybe now is a good time to invest in some.

Spend some time cleaning the oven and fridge. This step can avoid an oven catastrophe, and make sure the fridge is ready to store all the holiday food. Quick tip, go through your recipes and see what can be made ahead of time.

Prep for house guests. Make sure you have room for anyone staying over, clean up the guest bathrooms and make sure to have lots of extra towels, toiletries, pillows, and bedding ready.

If your guests have small children make sure you kid proof as best as you can and maybe invest in some cheap baby and toddler friendly dishes. Also, make sure you have food and snacks that are tailored to small guests.

Clean the floors. Cleaning floors can be a tedious task and take some time. But you can google quick tips from pros on easy floor cleaning methods.

If you have a fire get the space ready by having wood and fire starter supplies, clean the fire place, set some cozy blankets and pillows around the fireplace to create a nice place for guests to gather.

Be sure to book a bin if you need!

Friday 26 October 2018

Fall and Soup are best friends

Nothing is better than warm soup and cold weather. I like a soup that is simple, tasty and doesn't require a fridge full of ingredients. Here is one of my favorites.

Autumn Veg Soup:

2 tbs. olive oil
3 diced carrots
1 diced onion
2 minced garlic cloves
2 c. small cubes butternut squash
1/4 tsp ground allspice
pinch of cayenne pepper and salt
1 qt. chicken broth
4 sprigs fresh thyme
2 c. chopped kale
1 c. canned chickpeas

Heat oil in large soup pot, add carrots and onion cook until slightly soft (about 6 mins). Add garlic and cook for 1 min, add squash, allspice, cayenne, and 1 tsp. salt, stir until mixed. Add broth, tomatoes with juice and thyme. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium, cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Add kale and chickpeas and cook uncovered until squash is tender and kale is wilted, about 10 minutes more. Discard the thyme sprigs before serving. Season to taste with salt and cayenne and serve with warm fluffy rolls.

Friday 5 October 2018

Affordable DIY Halloween decorations

Every October I try to come up with super easy and cheap decorations we can do as family to get ready for Halloween. It is so much fun for all of us to come up with different ideas.

Here are a few of our favorites.

* (Specimen jars) Jars filled with colored water and spooky toys like rats, dolls heads, or bugs.
* (Terrariums)  Save those glass jars all year and make some creepy spider filled jars by using spider web string from the store, twigs and dirt from the yard sprayed black and some toy spiders.
*  (Apothecary store) Fill decorative glass containers with yummy fall colored candy.

Have fun with it and come up with ideas as a family, we usually spend $5 or less on each idea and the time spent doing the craft is priceless!

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Don't be creepin'

Don't let fall sneak up on you! Make sure to get that fall and winter prep to do list updated and done.

Things that should be on any list:

Fall fertilizer for your lawn, shrubs and trees.
Prune any plants that need to be trimmed before winter,
Make sure your sprinklers are leak free and ready to be shut off
Clean your gutters and repair any damage to gutters, it's also good to make sure the down spout drains at least one foot from your foundation.

Extra prep that just makes life easier during the chilly months:

Install a heated drip line above entry ways to keep snow and ice buildup away.
Check that all the insulation on doors and windows are in good shape.
If you like Christmas lights consider hanging the attachment hooks now, they come in all colors and even clear so they blend nicely and don't have to be taken down.
Go through your closets and store all your warm weather clothes in bins to make room for fluffy sweaters.
Donate old coats and blankets to a good cause.
Get a 5 gallon bucket so you can water your trees during the winter.

 If you'd like help hauling off your to do list trash please feel free to give us a call.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Long Weekend To Do List

With summer coming to end and most of busy with work, and kids and back in school Labor Day can be the perfect time to tackle those To Do list tasks. With summer leaving we can expect cold weather to follow. Now is a good time to get some winter prep started. Here is a short list to help get things going.

Bathroom update. The bathroom is the perfect place to do a remodel that doesn't have to cost a lot or take a long time. A fresh coat of paint, some new rugs, a nice shower curtain and some cool space organizers and you're set.

Clean out the garage, closets and junk drawer. We all know those areas are the where all the junk ends up. Clearing out the junk can be the best place to start any to do list.

Yard winter prep. Getting your yard ready for winter is very important to ensure your yard stays healthy all year long. Look online if you don't know what to do to prep your type of trees or plants.

Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to rest and enjoy the Labor Day weekend. Call us if you need a bin.

Thursday 9 August 2018

Top remodel for 2018

Here is a list of the top 4 things homeowners are doing to remodel their homes this year.

Smart home systems:  You can control your home with the push of a button on your phone. Set the temperature, control lights, Unlock and lock doors and monitor security systems. The benefits of a smart home are endless and allow you to stay connected and in control with no effort.

Rooftop patios:  Many people are starting to utilize the space on their roofs and tops of houses. Apartment buildings have been using their rooftops for many years but now residential homes are starting to see the benefits as well.

All white: Seems like a nightmare to me to have a house that is wall to white, furniture, walls, accessories etc. But this all white trend is taking off and more and more interior decorators are utilizing all hues of white to create gorgeous spaces. I will admit it looks very pretty and clean, however, parents with small children or black dogs might be hesitant to try this trend.

Open shelving:  This trend is one I love! Having open shelves in the kitchen can really be lovely. The only caveat is that you may become obsessed with keeping things neat and tidy. No more chipped dishes or old ugly looking spice jars.

Thursday 26 July 2018

Recipes that you'll all love

I hate using my stove or oven when it's super hot outside! Here are just a couple of the no cook recipes my family enjoy.

The first is a recipe for a snack the whole family loves and I love my kids eating because of the health benefits.

Power Balls:
1 c. old fashioned oats
1/2 c. peanut butter
1/2 c. ground flax seed
1/2 c. chocolate chips
1/3 c. honey
1 tbsp. chia seeds
1 tsp. vanilla extract

combine all the above in a bowl. Let it chill in the fridge for 30 mins then form into 1 inch balls.

The next recipe is for an easy ready to take breakfast:

Overnight fridge oatmeal:
1/4 c. uncooked old fashioned rolled oats
1/3 c. milk
1/4 c. vanilla yogurt
1 and 1/2 tsp chia seeds (I add extra since I love chia)
2 tsp maple syrup
1/4 c. blueberries

Mix ingredients in a small jar, secure the lid and shake until well mixed. Place in the fridge overnight and your yummy breakfast is ready for you first thing in the morning.

Sunday 15 July 2018

Time to clear up space in the garage

Our garage used to serve one purpose, that was store and hold our junk. Boxes full of stuff that never got unpacked from our move, bins full of old holiday decorations, bags full of clothes meant for goodwill, you name it and it was in there. After enduring a hot summer and cold winter I was sick of getting in a hot car that was showing sun bleaching, and scraping ice and snow from my car. 

We decided to tackle the garage and organize so I could park the car inside. It took a few days to go through everything and clear out the junk. Things were made much easier by making a plan first. A bin to haul off the old junk, plastic bins to store and organize the stuff we were keeping, shelves and hooks to store everything. One thing we had to do was to make sure we only kept stuff we knew for sure would be needed and used often. It's very easy to get sentimental about stuff but usually if it's sat collecting dust it may not be that important, or if it is it should be stored away properly in an airtight sturdy bin. 
Give us a call if you need help hauling away your junk, and enjoy your clean garage. 

Monday 28 May 2018

Summer time and fire pits just make sense

One of my favorite memories is sitting around the fire pit with my family sharing laughs and yummy s'mores. A lot of people think a fire pit is a huge expense and a lot of money. However, this doesn't have to be the case. All is takes is a little internet research and you can easily find the right style that fits your yard and your budget.

If you want to get creative you can design your own pit. Just keep in mind safety and airflow and the rest can be up to you design. The two main styles of fire pits is above ground and below ground, both have pros and cons but for safety reasons most people prefer an above ground pit.

Some people may not be ready to commit to built in fire pit so a portable pit may be perfect for you. There are plenty of options to buy ready made pits for your yard but its always so much more fun and satisfying to build your own. I found tons of design options online that fit different budgets and needs.

I hope you enjoy planning your next backyard project, as always feel free to give us a call if you need some waste removed.

Wednesday 2 May 2018

Yard cleanup made easy

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to get out in the yard and start cleaning up and prepping for any new projects. Yard waste can quickly build up. Especially if you are hauling away dirt and rocks which weigh more than you'd think. Don't do damage to your truck, give us a call and we will help you pick the right size bin for your project and budget.

Thursday 26 April 2018

Bring The Spring

Bring the spring

Every spring I start my to do list for outside chores. Before I put in any garden I ask my self a few questions to make sure I buy the right plants and supplies that will work best in my yard.

I learned the hard way that just going out and buying whatever plants and flowers I like best usually results in dead gardens that never really grow as I imagined. What I figured was that I needed to get to know my yard a little better. Here is my list of questions for a successful garden.

First- Where do I want my garden? I like to sketch a drawing of my yard, so I can visualize where it will look best.

Second- I plan to spend all day outside so I can write down how much sun each spot gets. This way when I pick the plants I can make sure each plant will be getting the right amount of sun.

Third- How much water does each spot get? Some plants are drought tolerant and others need frequent watering. If I know how much each spot gets I can pick the right plants or gets supplies to provide adequate water for that area.

Fourth- Do I need to get plants that are kid or pet friendly? Things I might avoid if I have curious kids or pets is thorny bushes, or toxic plants.

Fifth- What is my soil like? Some soils are nutrient rich on their own, but others may be missing a key nutrient for plant success. Your local ag. Department usually has a soil test kit for free or you can purchase one for cheap.

Now that you are more acquainted with your yard you will be able to plant gardens you know will do well.  Give us a call if you need to rent an affordable residential friendly bin to haul off your waste.

Monday 9 April 2018

Clean and easy pasta dish.

Clean and easy pasta dish.

Who doesn’t love a tasty and simple recipe. As the days start warming up I tend to want meals that don’t require me to stand in front of a hot stove for very long. One of my all-time favorite foods is pasta, it’s super easy to play with and create tasty dishes with very little work. This dish is one of my family’s favorites, it was created out of hunger and the lack of desire to got to the store. While rummaging through the kitchen to figure out what ingredients I could put together that would make anything remotely tasty we stumbled on a dish we would continue making for years to come.

Whenever I make pasta my first instinct is grab veggies. At the time all I had was a yellow and orange bell pepper, a handful of fresh mushrooms, a tub of cherry tomatoes, and a small onion. Bell peppers are a great healthy veggie that kids love for their sweet flavor and bright colors. I boiled some penne, sliced my peppers julienne style, thickly sliced the mushrooms and cut the tomatoes in half. Personally, I don’t like heavy sauce with fresh veggies, so I just sautéed the veggies in an excellent quality olive oil with salt and pepper, only for a few minutes so they were still crispy. The mushrooms cooked separate, so I could sauté them in butter which is my all-time favorite way to cook mushrooms. Once the pasta was al dente I put them in the pan with all the veggies and tossed in more olive oil to coat the pasta and salt & pepper to taste. Sprinkle some Parmesan on top and you have a super fresh and tasty pasta dish the whole family will love!

Check out the other blogs on our website for more simple recipes. Enjoy

Monday 26 March 2018

Great Outdoors

The great outdoors.

Its that time of year that we all can’t wait to get outside. Next month The Ultimate Home and Outdoor Expo will be in Farmington UT on April 27th – 28th.  This is a fun event the whole family can enjoy with demonstrations on Dutch oven cooking, camping, animal shows and more. Go and get some great ideas on home and outdoors.

Here is the website for more details

The Dutch oven cooking classes is a huge hit where you can get tips from experts on all sorts of recipes and cooking techniques. The Dutch oven pit in our background gets used as much as we can, it’s one of our favorite ways to cook outdoors!
If you come home with a list of projects, make sure to give us a call so we can help you plan for the right size bin for your job.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Bring on the green

Bring on the green!
                You don’t have to have a pot of gold to rent a dumpster or find a leprechaun to see the green. Our distinctive green bins are residential friendly with different sizes to fit your projects need. Spring is the time to get things done, whether it’s planning a move, yard cleanup, or just cleaning out the clutter in your home.
                For a lot of people tackling a cleanout project can be a stressful undertaking. But it is doesn’t have to be, just use these easy guidelines to help you get started on your clean out project.

If it isn’t used toss it- I seem to collect recipe magazines but then never use them since it’s much easier to lookup recipes online. Toss out those magazines, newspapers, junk mail, or other papers that have been sitting in piles forever. Clean out your junk and makeup drawers, often there is expired makeup and odds and ends that get tossed in those drawers. Get rid of small appliances that aren’t used and furniture that has become tattered. Spice cabinets and food pantries can become over crowded with expired spices and food. If you come across a pantry item that you just don’t use or like that is still good make a trip to your local food bank.

Get out your dusting gear- Start from the top and work your way down, a telescoping duster or long vacuum hose can become your best friend for reaching dust and cobwebs on the walls and baseboards. Use a sticky roller for a quick cleanup of lampshades and furniture. Wash curtains if the fabric allows or toss them in the drawer on air fluff for a few minutes. The kitchen can be super tricky to clean since grease tends to collect in unnoticed areas. Grab some dryer towels and use them wipe the top of cupboards, fans, hood vents or other areas where grease and dirt collect. The dryer towels will remove the grease easily followed by a multi-surface cleaner and your surfaces will sparkle!

These simple tips can help cleaning up a breeze, if you need a bin to help haul off your junk please give us call at Bin There Dump That Ogden and we would be happy to assist you in finding the bin right for your projects needs.

Saturday 10 March 2018

Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up!

When the weather warms up we find ourselves wanting to start on all the projects we put off during the chilly winter months. Decluttering your house is a wonderful way to start your spring to do lists. I always like to have a plan before starting a project, so my time is spent wisely. One of my weak areas is getting rid of stuff. I find it takes the most time and I keep stuff that just ends up staying tucked away until I next year when I start decluttering all over again. That’s why it’s important to have a set of guidelines to help get rid of stuff easily.
Here is the list I use during my cleanup process:
Why did I get it? Do I even use this item anymore, does it serve a purpose other than collecting dust?
Will I ever use it again? This one can be tricky because here is where I will start wasting time going through stuff and imaging the ways I can use. But chances are if it has sat around for a year without me using it or even thinking about it then it is really time for it to go.
Is it in good working shape? We’ve all done it, a lamp or radio gets broken, so we set aside to be repaired. Time passes, and the dust collects and there it sits. If this is the case, then it is probably wise to just throw it out.

Now that you’ve gone through the list and have a huge pile of items to get rid of it’s time to call Bin There Dump That Ogden to assist with the removal. We have bins of numerous sizes to help with any size job. The smaller bins are good for clearing out the odds and ends we collect. Our bigger bins are ideal for hauling away appliances, furniture and any large bulky item. Give us a call and we’d be happy to help you decide on the bin that’s perfect for you.

Monday 5 February 2018

Early Preparations for Spring Gardening

Eartheasy offers great information about sustainable living and gardening.  The following excerpts are from their website and offer great gardening ideas for early spring. 

Vegtables and Flowers  

(1) Plant early spring vegetables when soil is workable.

Soil is ready for gardening once it is free of ice crystals and crumbles easily. Soil that is too wet is easily compacted, reducing beneficial soil aeration. Common early spring crops are peas, spinach, lettuces and leeks. For a prolonged harvest, plant several varieties, each with a different maturation date. Follow these crops with broccoli, cabbage, radishes, kale, turnips, new potatoes and onions. Mulch early bulbs if you live in areas where freezing temperatures hang on.

(2) Protect seedlings from hard frosts.

Early spring plantings are vulnerable to hard frost which can set in overnight. If you expect a hard frost, cover seedlings overnight with anything you have on hand - an overturned bucket or cardboard box (with a rock on top) or large flower pot, a portable garden cloche, or a cold frame. If your garden has the space, and your budget allows, a starter greenhouse is ideal for starting seedlings early in the season and protecting them from inconsistent early spring weather.

(3)  Plant out daffodils, lilies, crocus, hyacinth and any other bulbs,

Early spring is the time to set out bulbs which were forced in pots or bowls in the house. Some may bloom next spring, others may take two or three years to rebuild enough food reserve to support flowering.

(4) Divide perennials. clear and mulch perennial beds.

For easier handling try to time the division so emerging shoots are only 2 to 4 inches tall. Prepare new beds for perennial flowers by spreading a 6-inch deep layer of organic matter (i.e. peat moss, compost, rotted manure) and work in deeply. Plants growing in deep, rich soil are less likely to suffer from summer drought. Existing perennial beds can be cleared of old plant debris and mulched to prevent weed growth. Mulch should be applied around, but not over the sprouting root mass of each plant.

Stakes can also be put in the ground now for sprouting perennials such as asparagrus, which may need support for it's tall ferns later in the season in gardens exposed to wind. Be sure to set the stakes well clear of the root mass so as not to disturb emerging shoots.

 Shrubs and trees

(1)   Prune out dead or damaged branches

Prune unwanted branches of trees and shrubs after new growth has begun. Cut back any remaining dead perennial foliage from last season. Prune roses just before they start to bud out. Spring blooming trees and shrubs, however, should not be pruned in late winter; their flower buds are ready to open as temperatures warm. Azaleas, forsythia, weigela, dogwood, and other spring shrubs can be pruned.

(2) Prune fruit trees.

Fruit tree pruning is best done in late winter or early spring. Prune well before buds begin to break into bloom or the tree may be stressed resulting in a reduced crop. Pick up and remove the pruned clippings, especially if you intend to cut the grass under the tree during summer.

(3) Remove stakes or relax wires installed on trees planted last fall.

Allowing a little swaying of tree stems results in sturdy yet resilient plants. Thin out some branches of trees which have a history of leaf spot diseases. Pruning will improve air circulation and penetration of sunlight, which in turn can reduce the incidence of disease. Remove tree guards or burlap wraps from the trunks of young trees or shrubs. This prevents moisture buildup beneath the wrap, which can encourage rot and promote entry of diseases.

(3) Transplant any existing shrubs you want to move before they begin to leaf out.

Soil conditions in early spring are favorable to transplants because the soil is more consistently moist, which helps new rooting to expand from the transplant zone and reach out for more nutrients. To transplant, use a spade to find the edges of the main root mass, then dig down and under to loosen the root ball. Dig the new hole several inches wider all around, and add soil amendments such as compost or organic fertilizer. Once the transplant is set in place, filling in around the sides with lightly compacted soil will promote lateral root growth.

(4) Apply horticultural oil sprays to pear and apple trees.

Apply oil spray to pears just as the buds begin to swell and then again 10 days later to control pear psylla and pear leaf blister mite. Make a single application of oil on apple trees when a half-inch of green tissue is visible in developing buds.

(5)  Also apply oil to ornamental trees and shrubs

Apply dormant oil to trees and shrubs which have a history of aphid, scale or spider mite infestations. Destroying these pests safely with spring applications of horticultural oil will reduce your need for pesticides later in the growing season.

(6) Inspect your pole pruner before using

Before setting foot on the orchard ladder take a few minutes to inspect the head of the pruner and the cord. If there is a failure of any parts while you are pruning, it could send you for a tumble. Read our article Pre-Season Pole Pruner Checklist.

More information like this can be found at the Eartheasy website: