Sunday 15 July 2018

Time to clear up space in the garage

Our garage used to serve one purpose, that was store and hold our junk. Boxes full of stuff that never got unpacked from our move, bins full of old holiday decorations, bags full of clothes meant for goodwill, you name it and it was in there. After enduring a hot summer and cold winter I was sick of getting in a hot car that was showing sun bleaching, and scraping ice and snow from my car. 

We decided to tackle the garage and organize so I could park the car inside. It took a few days to go through everything and clear out the junk. Things were made much easier by making a plan first. A bin to haul off the old junk, plastic bins to store and organize the stuff we were keeping, shelves and hooks to store everything. One thing we had to do was to make sure we only kept stuff we knew for sure would be needed and used often. It's very easy to get sentimental about stuff but usually if it's sat collecting dust it may not be that important, or if it is it should be stored away properly in an airtight sturdy bin. 
Give us a call if you need help hauling away your junk, and enjoy your clean garage. 

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